The life of a stage performer is not easy. It may seem glamorous, but it is actually stressful and difficult. While it is fun to have fans and be in the spotlight, it can be exhausting to always be on the road. Traveling all the time takes away your free time. You can no longer hang out with your family and friends because you are always out of town. You miss out on major events and celebrations, such as family gatherings, weddings, birthdays, etc. A stage performer’s life is actually a lot harder than it looks like. Do not worry, though. You can still haveRead More →


Penncora Productions has been servicing the professional entertainment industry for over eighteen years. We have had the opportunity to work for clients throughout the United States and Internationally. We are a creative, professional organization committed to providing our clients with a large collection of show tricks that will match any creative vision imaginable. Based on your objectives Penncora will recommend an itinerary of our inventory, props and management services that can be utilized within your event window. Working in conjunction with your representatives, Penncora will develop a comprehensive project plan inclusive of blueprints and floorplans that will include timing for all major milestones of yourRead More →